Blackstone 1833 22 in. Griddle with Hood, Legs, and Bulk Adapter Hose

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The Blackstone Adventure Ready 22" Griddle with Hood, Legs and Bulk Adapter Hose is an ideal cooking accessory. Use it to make outdoor grilled meals with ease. It is portable and can be used right on a table or countertop. Included are legs, a hood and a bulk adapter hose that can be used with a 1-pound propane tank to a 20-pound one. This table top griddle is quick and easy to set up. Take it camping, hunting, boating, or fishing, or carry it outside into the yard for a cookout or barbecue. With 330 square inches of cooking space, this unit works well for burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and much more. Dual "H" burners provide even heat distribution. It heats up to 24,000 BTUs for fast cooking. The Blackstone 22" Griddle with Hood, Legs and Bulk Adapter Hose is easy to clean.

Key Features:

  • The 22" griddle is quick and easy to clean up taking the hassle out of outdoor cooking. 
  • 330 of cold rolled cooking surface with duel 'H' burners that produce a total of 24,000 BTUs for fast and even cooking.
  • 22" Griddle has a unique rear grease management system for easy clean--up while cooking. 
  • With a hood and legs you can take your griddle anywhere with easy set up and take down.
  • Also including a bulk adapter hose so you can use a quick 1-pound tank or a 20-pound tank easily